Tim met Joe who also met Tim at a film festival where neither were showing their own films.

They shared a desire to make music video’s which they have subsequently fulfilled with video’s for such dignitaries as Duke Dumont, Petite Noir and Professor Green. With the video for Duke Dumont being nominated for the Grand Jury award at SXSW.

Their commercial work began with a well received commercial for Diesel involving dogs wearing sunglasses which showcased at the YDA. Their more recent Ads for Expedia & Argos have won accolades world wide including Gold, Silver and Bronze at the Cannes Lions, Clio, British Arrows, Ciclope and the Creative Circle Awards.

Having now completed multiple shoots involving dogs, cats, cows, chickens, ostriches and babies they eventually attempted to synconise 5 adult humans to speak at the same time in different places. They think they may have plateaued but are still open to offers.



Friend, UK

Revolver/Will O’Rourke, Australia

Psyop, USA

Mercurio, Italy

Grayskull, Spain